Target audience:
3-5 years and up
Ontdek Brussel en het werk van René Magritte!
Beland samen met het Brusselse meisje Renée op bekende, en minder bekende plaatsen in het veelzijdige Brussel. De rode draad van deze kleurrijke city-trip is het werk van Belgiës bekendste surrealist René Magritte. Vind op elke pagina zijn fifiguren en beeldtaal, soms subtiel, soms opvallend. Daarnaast maak je kennis met vele bekende Brusselaa
Pieter De Poortere
Gent: Nanuq, 2022
[32] p. : ill.
9789464335262 (hardback)

About Pieter De Poortere

Boerke is a Flemish cartoon character created by Pieter De Poortere in 2001. The name is a diminutive of boer and so means "little farmer" in Dutch. He has been translated into other languages such as French where he is known as Dickie. The character is a farmer but is often shown in other costumes and settings as an anti-hero. The comic strips are typically visual jokes with no text.

The character's comic strips appear in magazines and newspapers such as Knack, have been collected in book form and are exhibited at a museum in Brussels – the Belgian Comic Strip Center.

An animated version has been shown on the Flemish TV station, VRT. Fifty-two two-minute episodes were shown on its Canvas channel, starting in 2021. To preserve the non-verbal quality of the humour, the characters' vocalisations are humming, mumbles, screams and other vocables. For the main character, these were perfor…Read more on Wikipedia